My First Push Jam

I recently purchased some really cool live music toys. The Ableton Push 2, Novation Launch Control XL and the Korg KP3 Kaos Pad. The main goal is to remove myself from the laptop so that I can focus on jamming and making music. The problem with point-and-click style production on a laptop is that it’s tedious and totally uninspiring. There are no happy accidents. These innovative new devices feel more like actual instruments than just midi controllers.

These tools have almost instantly increased the fun factor of making music…but they are also relevant to deciphering interesting ways to design interactive music for games. There is a decent amount of overlap between live electronic performance and a responsive music system for games. They both need to react quickly while still sounding good.

Soooo…I tried hooking up some basic sounds and giving it a whirl. There are some mistakes and weirdness in a few places…but such is the process of learning. More jams to come!