Jackson Hole Snowmobiling in 360

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My friend Dave had his bachelor party in Jackson Hole Wyoming last weekend. The resort is right on the edge of the Grand Teton National Park. It was quite dramatic to be surround by such massive peaks. The name “Jackson Hole” comes from the fact that the area sits in the middle of all these mountain ranges and looks like a “hole” from above. It was definitely the steepest riding that I have done. That means lots of carving across the mountain or I would quickly approach crazy speeds. But overall it was a good way to push my skills forward.

Since I already have a nice selection of snowboarding 360 videos, I focused on our snow-mobiling bonus adventure. We had a few nearly-on-purpose crashes to make it more exciting. They occurred by driving off the groomed path and into the powder. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Unfortunately, I was not filming. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the spherical footage at high speeds.

A few lessons so far:

  • – speed does not translate well without some nearby reference like trees, rocks or other riders
  • – it’s always interesting to track people moving across a wide range of the sphere
  • – A tripod works better than my hand!