Sound Cube

Geometrical sound sculptures in the middle of the ocean?!


I was exploring how a more deep interaction could fit inside the previous Float Land. I also like how there is musical predictability from watching the orb movement without the fatiguing repetition of a normal step sequencer. More to explore!


Floating Colors

I started learning a bit of TouchDesigner awhile ago and made these soft floating sound blobs react to the lovely voice of Mree. I synced up a midi track from Ableton Live to the endless array of parameters available in TD. This combination of audio and visual tools seems to hold so many possibilities. So much to learn!


Blast from the Past

I stumbled upon this old tune that I worked on with Judah Kim at Berklee College of Music in 2003. It was my first “Producer” project in the Music Production and Engineering program. Still sounds good to my ears!

Sweet After Effects visualizer template from Andrin Rehmann